Enterprise Content Management

Based on the Laserfiche suite, together with the PlanetPress and CMA Email Manager platforms, we provide a complete solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We can handle physical records, images, electronic documents, digital photos, audio and video, and e-mail, managing all content throughout its lifecycle from creation or receipt to ultimate disposition. Capabilities include intelligent capture, library services, search, process automation, content delivery, security, retention rules and full audit trails. Laserfiche is built on Microsoft standards that make it widely interoperable, extensible and easy to administer. Gartner describes Laserfiche as offering “cost-effective and easy-to-deploy ECM products”. The system works seamlessly with SharePoint to provide added value imaging, metadata and records management functionality. As a complete lifecycle management solution, Laserfiche’s “agile ECM” approach provides a powerful enterprise framework to add value, increase productivity and improve governance across multiple lines of business.


Laserrfiche solutions

Workflow Automation

Laserfiche Workflow is a flexible, easy-to-use tool for automating and optimising business processes across your organisation. A central component of the Laserfiche product suite, Workflow enables you to map, model and manage your business processes to efficiently achieve your business goals. Workflow can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organisation. Routing activities and Laserfiche action activities enable easy interaction with Laserfiche documents and folders – including populating fields, changing metadata, routing, e-mail notification and more. Digital Signature activities enable you to easily apply trustworthy digital signatures to a document, as well as delete and retrieve information about them. The Workflow Designer is an easy-to-use, graphical interface in which you build a workflow and define the conditions that must be met in order for a document to move from one step to the next. More than 60 built-in activities simplify third-party integration, offer easy customisation and enhance administrative control. You can define exactly which events, documents, and users will start a workflow using flexible conditions. You can route documents based on conditions you define or different actions to be taken before or after a deadline. You can easily exchange information with other applications to create a seamless process leveraging the systems staff use on a daily basis.

Business Process Management

Combining its workflow, audit trail and systems integration capabilities, Laserfiche can help organisations develop and manage collaborative, case management or transactional processes across many participants and systems. Any content-related process can be automated throughout its various stages, including design, modelling, execution, monitoring. The solution provides the real-time analytics that can ensure the avoidance of bottlenecks and process optimisation when required. The Laserfiche ECM system can be the “Integrative Middleware” in an organisation, sharing and synchronising data as well as triggering tasks in line-of-business applications. Users can interact with business processes via the systems they are familiar with, all powered by Laserfiche. Therefore Laserfiche’s agile ECM approach provides a powerful enterprise framework to add value, increase productivity and improve governance across multiple lines of business, bridging siloes and engaging participants across an organisation.

Transparent Records Management

The way that business users access and process active documents can differ from the way records managers wish to organise documents to apply retention and disposal policies. With Laserfiche you can dynamically configure multiple views of the same repository, so the records management layout isn’t exposed to general users. With records management capabilities built into the core architecture of the system, Laserfiche provides the ability to deploy a universal repository to manage the life cycle of all enterprise information assets, while providing the flexibility to offer each business unit a look and feel tailored to their unique needs. The Laserfiche solution provides DoD 5015.2-certified records management functionality and VERS compliant V2 certification.

Electronic Forms

Using Laserfiche you can automate your form-based processes. Laserfiche Forms is a web forms software that makes it easy to digitally capture, route and approve forms. You can replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites. They can be customised to match your company’s branding. Using the solution you can streamline form processing and review with automated routing and notifications, as well as enable simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users. To enable rapid deployment, download pre-built forms and process diagrams for a variety of common business processes. For monitoring, you can consolidate task management with centralised task lists, evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations and track exactly how long it takes to process each form and identify any bottlenecks in the process.

Forms screen

Rapid Systems Integration

As an open platform, Laserfiche can facilitates and drive integration. This facilitates seamless retrieval of documents from Laserfiche via the interface of a line-of-business application and the re-use and synchronisation of data. The Laserfiche SDK, available to customers and integrators, is the same programming interface Laserfiche developers use to develop all client-facing applications, so it’s comprehensive in scope, well-tested in production environments and well-documented. The SDK includes COM, .NET and Java libraries, as well as an ADO.NET provider. Global ECM also have expertise in the Affinity middleware. Utilising this toolkit Laserfiche functionality can be added to most application screens within minutes – no programming required!

Secure Web Deployment

To facilitate quick and easy access to information, any place, any time, you can use Laserfiche WebLink to deploy a public Web portal that provides instant, read-only access to documents from a wide variety of Web browsers. Complementing this, Laserfiche Forms makes it easy to capture information, process it quickly and make sure that it’s accessible to authorized employees throughout your organisation. This includes integration with Laserfiche workflow and mobile capabilities. Additionally with Laserfiche Web Access, staff can search, retrieve and work on documents from the Laserfiche repository through their Web browser, whether they’re using the corporate intranet, logging in from a branch office or connecting from a laptop while in the field.

Mobile Working

The Laserfiche Mobile app for iOS and Android simplifies mobile capture and makes it easy for employees to interact with stored content and create and upload electronic documents from the field. As part of a DoD 5015.2-STD-certified ECM solution, the Laserfiche Mobile iPhone and iPad apps extend governance, risk and compliance standards all the way to mobile devices. By tracking and auditing all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche, Laserfiche Mobile combines the flexibility of mobility with the iron-clad security and audit-proof compliance of the Laserfiche suite.

Email Archiving

CAM Email Manager integrates with Outlook and Laserfiche to provide semi-automated and automated classification, tracking, and archiving for emails and attachments. For complete automation, rules based policies and conditions are set to monitor inbox, subfolders, and alias addresses. When conditions are met, Email Manager will automatically apply the specified index values such as customer name, customer number, vendor number, case ID, contract number, etc and copy messages and attachments to the correct Laserfiche repository destination. Message properties like To, From, Date, Subject, and Attachment name are automatically captured. Emails and attachments within Laserfiche are linked inside of Outlook. Additionally, all other related documents stored in the Laserfiche repository are easily searchable from within Outlook.

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