Laserfiche 10.2.1 Released

Laserfiche has announced the release of Laserfiche Rio, Laserfiche Avante, and Laserfiche Connector 10.2.1. This is a maintenance release nad includes the Laserfiche Server, Windows client, web client, Forms, Workflow, App, Discussions, Federated Search, and Connector.
Laserfiche Forms is now available in two editions: Forms Essentials, which contains core features necessary to design processes and forms, and Forms Professional, which contains the complete Forms feature package, including data lookups, the performance dashboard, reporting options, and support for payment gateways.

In the Laserfiche App, users can now add tags to documents and folders, place documents under version control, and check them in and out. Users can also save folders and their contents offline. In addition, annotation handling has been enhanced: users can add freehand annotations to documents, work with attachment annotations, set annotation security, track sticky note history, and configure the opacity of stamps and freehand annotations. Uploading has also been enhanced, allowing users to sign every page of a multi-page PDF during upload, or preserve an image’s original file type.

The Laserfiche Server allows you to add fields to document either as part of a template, or on their own. In prior versions, fields added to a document as part of a template could be blank, but fields added independent of a template had to contain a value or they would not be saved. This release introduces the ability to save blank fields in both cases.

The Laserfiche web client adds the ability to expand the import dialog to full screen, making it easier to preview images or PDFs for data entry purposes. In addition, when exporting a folder, you can now specify an image format for the exported image files, and automatically include a metadata report for the folder. The metadata display has also been enhanced, providing users with the option to condense the field display if they want to see more fields on their screen at once.

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