Global delighted to announce NATO as a new customer

We are are delighted to announce that NATO has chosen to purchase and adopt Laserfiche RIO as their corporate ECM Software from Global ECM Solutions Ltd. Initially Laserfiche RIO & Laserfiche Information Portal will be deployed within Munitions Safety Information Analysis Centre (MSIAC).

MSIAC’s goal is to help nations reduce, and eliminate, the risk to personnel and material from explosive incidents associated with our own munitions.

To help its member nations realise this goal, the project gathers, stores, exchanges, and analyses information and technology related to munitions safety. Over the years MSIAC has played a central role in facilitating member nations efforts to design, develop, procure, and use safer munitions. MSIAC works closely with the NATO Ammunition Safety Group AC/326 to help facilitate the development of policy and standards to ensure interoperability and standardisation in munitions safety.

Global are delighted to announce Laserfiche SaaS

Save time and money on managing and storing hard/electronic copies and eliminate redundant out of date content using a Cloud implementation of Laserfiche. An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system reduces unnecessary data and results in decreased storage costs and running time. Gain from the elimination of servers, storage devices, software license upgrade fee and maintenance fee.
Prices start from as little as £27 per user per month, for further information please contact us now to start Running Smarter.

Global will be attending Empower 2015

Staff from Global ECM Solutions will be attending Empower 2015, Laserfiche’s annual conference and training event. We will update you on all the exciting announcements!

Laserfiche SDK 9.2 Released

Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche SDK 9.2, their toolkit for systems integration, which includes the updated versions of Laserfiche libraries and features bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

Contact us for latest Guide on The Ultimate Guide to HR Automation using Laserfiche

Human Resources (HR) doesn’t just exist to keep the paychecks moving—HR can play a valuable, strategic role in any office. Organisations recruit and retain talented individuals to stay ahead of the competition, and they need competent and communicative HR professionals to do so.

However, a recent report from the Hackett Group found that HR budgets and staffing are shrinking in 2014, with staff decreasing at more than twice the rate of the budget. Due to these dwindling resources, HR professionals are seeking ways to do more with less. Strategically investing in technology is one way to achieve this goal. In fact, the Hackett Group found that 89% of respondents listed “investing in technology or automation” as a top strategy for reinventing service delivery in 2014. Time- and resource-consuming manual processes can no longer support HR departments—or the organizations that depend on them for talent. Manual HR processes increase chances for data errors, employee dissatisfaction and non-compliance. Manually processing payroll, employee records and tax forms takes time away from the more strategic goals of talent recruitment and employee engagement. On the other hand, an automated, digital HR system reduces the administrative burden on HR employees and increases organization-wide self-sufficiency through instant access to information. We can help you explore the ways automation helps HR build a high-functioning infrastructure that employees, job applicants and executives can appreciate.

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